SPYSPONGE™ Branded AAA Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries. 1100mAh Super Capacity. For use in our SPYSPONGE™ sponges. Using our 8 BAY AAA RAPID BATTERY CHARGER, these batteries charge in approximately 120 minutes. *Please make sure to charge batteries 10 hours on initial charge.

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What should I do if I have any problems with my lights?

If you get some dust in your light and they start flickering or won’t work, carefully unscrew the top lens housing of your flashlight.

Then unscrew the second LED shell. Taking a soft cloth, wipe away any dust that may be preventing the connection with the battery and the LED chip.

If you're still having issues with your lights after following these troubleshooting tips, please read our answer to "What should I do if I have issues with my batteries?" as the performance of the batteries can effect the lights.

Still having issues? Please email us @

What should I do if I have any issues with my batteries?

Rechargeable batteries must be charged 10 hours on first initial charge. This is critical in making sure you get the longest lasting and brightest illumination from your lights.

Failing to properly charge batteries the first time, will result in the lights flickering or not lasting as long as they should.

New batteries will reach their best performance after using 3-5 times.

When storing batteries, do so in a cool place away from moisture or humidity.

How do I make my SPYSPONGE™ Sanding Sponge more flexible?

A feature unique to SPYSPONGE™ is that you can control the density and flexibility of the sponge.

Our patent pending Flexible Density System™ allows you to achieve your desired form flexibility by simply pulling out or leaving in the pre-bored holes as needed.

This limits the need to buy multiple sanding sponges for various projects that may require more or less flexibility.

How long can I expect my lights to last on a single charge?

You’ll get over 90 minutes of illumination time on a full charge.

Our charger, batteries, and lights are all designed to give you the longest lasting illumination time.

On the job site, we’d recommend always charging one set of batteries, while using the other set in the lights you’re sanding with.

Our rapid battery charger will have the other set of lights fully charged in about two hours.

Please note: when using our rechargeable batteries and battery charger, make sure to charge batteries 10 hours on initial charge.

Do I have to use all 3 LED lights in my sponge?

Not at all! You choose the illumination you want to sand with.

You can use 1, 2, or 3 lights. You can even flip them around, so you can have lighting in the front and back of the sponge.

With many options the choice is yours, to achieve the perfect illumination while sanding.

Three sleek SpySponge LED lights in a row

Critical Light at a Critical Angle™

SPYSPONGE™ isn't just a flashlight replacement. Our ultra-bright LED Lights paired with our SPYSPONGE™ Sanding Sponges provide the perfect angle for illuminating any imperfections in your project. You'll produce better results in less time.

SpySponge with LED lights installed

Premium quality for superior performance

We designed our handheld sanding sponges to compete with the highest quality finishing sponges on the market today. Combined with LED lights, you'll find this sanding sponge does the job like nothing you've ever used before.

Do It Yourself

For the Drywall Professional

For the Contractor

The future of sanding is here for the DIY (Do it Yourself) crowd – a box of SpySponge sanding blocks

Do It Yourself

A job done right starts with the right tools.

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Drywall Professional

Reduce callbacks. Increase profits.

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A big box of SpySponge sanding blocks for use by a professional contractor to distribute to his or her team.


Want one less thing to worry about? Here you go.

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